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Hipster porn for ALL!


i should nOT BE tuRNED ON BY THAT 


So You Want Your Boyfriend To Dominate You ›


There you are, on the couch, making out. You take your boyfriend’s hand, pull it back and slap it against your ass - you’re getting him started. Encouraging him to spank you. His spank wilts into a tender caress. Inwardly, you groan with frustration. You take his other hand, move it up into your…

When he does it, no matter how gently or pathetically he manages to spank you, you moan like James Deen himself has just written his name on your cervix with the tip of his dick, you hear me?!?”

Just going through dwp’s blog and liking too many of his posts.
Granted, those are all coming from my main blog, so… Yeah. Anyways.

Hipster porn for ALL!